8 Core Investment Principles

1. A Custom-Tailored Fit

Personalization is key. A custom-tailored portfolio should fit like a custom-tailored suit. Your portfolio should be built for your needs… whether it’s structuring things tax-efficiently, investing for that vacation property or planning for your children’s future.

2. Cash (Flow) is King

Dividends have been the largest contributor to total returns over the long-term. Finding companies with a good dividend and, more importantly, a strong dividend growth strategy is an essential component of how we build portfolios.

3. Invest in a Business… Not a Stock

Invest in businesses that have a strong competitive advantage at their core. “I try to buy businesses that are so wonderful an idiot can run them… Because sooner or later, one will” – Warren Buffett

4. The Easiest Way to Boost Returns… Cut Costs

Few investors are aware of the costs of their investments. Having a clear, transparent picture of the costs associated with your portfolio is essential to building a well-balanced portfolio that you feel confident in.

5. Keep It Simple

Many financial goals can be achieved through straight-forward strategies and investment solutions. At times complex strategies may be necessary but when in doubt, keep it simple.

6. Avoid Large Losses

While it may sound obvious, too many investors have felt the devastating financial and emotional consequences of a large decline in their portfolios. Having a well-diversified and well-executed financial strategy can help minimize your exposure to such losses.

7. Stick to the Script

Do you have a sound Financial Strategy in place? A comprehensive financial plan helps you know if you’re on the right path to meeting your lifestyle goals and keeps your portfolio focused on the end-goal.

8. Diversification Never Goes Out of Style

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